Audi Connect: a smartphone you can drive.

For years, cellphones have been getting increasingly smaller but recently, technology is going in the opposite direction. For instance, the iPhone 11 is currently Apple's largest smartphone. Yet Audi is doing one better. They are taking the information superhighway to the actual highway with Audi Connect. 

Audi Connect is a driver assistive and connective system built right into your Audi. It bundles what you love about your smartphone with the vehicle, to provide real-time information and multiple digital functions. 

Connecting the dots

To use the full functionality of Audi Connect, your vehicle must be paired with a myAudi account. This account must then be verified by your local dealer. When you sign up for a myAudi account you'll activate the full range of exclusive features and services for your Audi. The myAudi app is also available on Apple iOS 10 and above and Android 6 and above. 

The Audi Connect services are bundled in the following packages:

Audi Connect Navigation and Infotainment 

Audi Connect Navigation and Infotainment, available on selected Audi models built in 2019 and later, keeps you connected to your world even on the go. With high-speed 4G Internet access embedded in the vehicle, you can turn your Audi into a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot and seamlessly stream a range of entertainment and information services to you and your Audi. Audi Connect Navigation and Infotainment includes: 

Traffic Sign Information.

Assess the road ahead while you drive. Get real-time updates on changes in speed limits, temporary traffic, and construction signs sent directly to your navigation system. Plus, using data from central traffic light control, your Audi can predict the amount of time left until the traffic light changes from red to green. At the same time, when you approach green lights, your Audi will provide a suggested speed limit to pass through the light safely. 

Individual News Online.

Stay in the know on all things happening in the world. Curate your news feeds through your myAudi account and let your Audi read you the day's headlines. 

Traffic Information Online. 

Through your myAudi account, you can easily share your Google Map coordinates and travel details directly from your smartphone or tablet to your Audi's navigation system. Plus, thanks to Audi Connects Automatic map Update, you can be sure you're taking the most current route to your destination. Audi Connect Navigation and Infotainment also provides real-time updates on weather, as well as information on parking and fuel prices in your area. 

Audi Connect Navigation and Infotainment Plus

Compliment Audi Connect Navigation and Infotainment with additional connective services available through Audi Connect Navigation and Infotainment Plus, such as: 

Natural Voice Control. 

Communicate hands-free using Audi's advanced voice recognition system. You can ask questions, send texts and more all while on the move. Through voice recognition technology, your Audi can also search the Internet to provide suggestions or reviews for must-see restaurants or points of interest at your destination. 

Navigation with Google Earth and Satellite Imagery. 

Experience route guidance with clean aerial satellite imaging that uses 3D city models to get you exactly where you need to be. 

Connect to amazon

Access your smart home control, shop on Amazon and more by linking your Amazon Prime subscription to your myAudi account. With Amazon Alexa integration, you have access to Alexa on the go. 

Audi Connect Security and Assistance

On the road, peace of mind is just as important as convenience. Thats why Audi Connect also offers the Audi Connect Security and Assistance package on selected Audi models built in 2017 and later. Audi Connect Security and Assistance is a foolproof backup plan in the event of an emergency and is reliable co-pilot on the road. Audi Connect Security and Assistance includes: 

SOS Call 

In the event of a severe accident, your Audi will automatically contact a designated service provider to dispatch emergency help to the location. There is also the option to manually press the SOS button in the overhead console in case of an emergency. 

Stolen Vehicle Locator 

In the event of vehicle theft, customers can use the Audi Connect Security and Assistance package to pinpoint the location of a vehicle and share that location with law enforcement. 

Online Roadside Assistance 

If you're in need of a tow, a jumpstart, a tire change or even if you've locked yourself out of your Audi, a dedicated roadside service provider is just a button away with Audi Connect Security and Assistance. 

Audi Service Request

You can choose to receive Audi Service Requests from your local dealer. Your local dealer will be notified of your service intervals and can proactively arrange a service appointment. 

Curfew Alert

With an active Curfew Alert, the owner will receive a notification if the vehicle moves outside of the specified time. 


The owner can set a diameter that they want the vehicle to stay within or avoid and will receive a notification when this boundary is passed. 

Parking Position 

Based on the last time the engine was turned off, the vehicle location is saved and can be accessed through the myAudi app. 

Remore Lock/Unlock 

An owner can Lock or Unlock their vehicle from nearly anywhere using the myAudi app. 

Speed Alert 

With an active Speed Alert, the owner will receive a notification when the customized maximum speed is exceeded.

Valet Alert

If the driver is using a valet service, a maximum distance and speed can be set. Should the limits be exceeded, the driver will be altered through their phone. 

Vehicle Status Reports

Allows an owner to receive key performance measures including the status of doors, windows, lights, and fuel levels. 

By digitally connecting the driver, the Audi and traffic infrastructure, Audi delivers convenience and peace of mind. Audi's technical innovations give you valuable time back, relieves mental strain, and enable a relaxed and -above all- safe driving experience. Visit Audi Saskatoon to find out more information about how Audi Connect can make your drive easier and more connected.